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How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

Are you ready to wear a tungsten engagement ring on your finger? When you are ready for entering into any commitment then you need to get a perfect ring just for experiencing heartfelt proposal. At first, spending some money on an engagement ring may seem like an easier task. But, in most cases it’s really tedious to spend on an engagement ring since many may be confused about the sum for spending on an engagement ring.

You may also have heard many stories like spending some three to four months’ salary of an individual just to own a diamond engagement ring. But, engagement rings are neither actually a necessity nor an investment.  You need to avoid unnecessary confusions and financial stress on your engagement ceremony. So, just to help you let me tell you how much to spend on it.

How much to spend on an Engagement Ring?

When you are planning to buy an engagement ring, just spend as much as you can in order to avoid financial stress. Spending your two month salary on the ring is really silly and reckless. If you can’t afford that much money then buy a ring as per your standard rather than an expensive one.

If you want to make your partner happy, just plan according before your engagement ceremony by knowing her expectations. Even if her expectation was higher or lower than your planned sum, you can discuss with her for clearer understanding.

Go for a meaningful ring, rather than an expensive one

Here are some scenarios, just judge which of these is least meaningful.

  • You are planning for an heirloom tungsten ring with the family history, with a small sum.
  • Plan before your wedding and set some cash for your engagement ring every week.
  • Search for an alternative gem in place of diamond and at the same time work with jeweler just to develop a superb design with custom values.
  • Using 4 credit cards for owing the costliest diamond as per your choice.

Now, you may get some idea.

Obviously, Engagement ring signifies the love and commitment between 2 individuals and for buying a ring as per your wish, you can sacrifice things. But, it’s not wise to sink you in debts and stress for buying a costliest ring.


Overall, while buying a tungsten wedding band one should plan according and do discussion with your partner just to avoid misunderstanding in the future. It’s wise to spend affordable money on an engagement ring rather than an expensive one.

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