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What’s the difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring?

Many may have this question in your mind, what’s actually the difference between this engagement ring and wedding ring? Also, some people may think both these wedding and engagement rings are the same. But, it’s not the actual case. Additionally, these rings are used in two different scenarios. Here is the explanation about these rings just to make you clear.

Engagement Rings

In any marriage proposal, engagement is one of the prime aspects that need to be considered. Usually, Women receive the ring from his partner and they used to wear this ring from the starting time of their proposal. Having this engagement tungsten ring on her finger signifies that she is committed to her parent and taken by him.

Also, these rings show great difference in their price and extravagance but diamond and other gemstone are the commonly used rings. These Engagement rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand. Women consider proposal as her ultimate victory and overall it’s actually real surprise for a women since a guy kneeing down before her just to marry her with full of love and commitment is the destiny for every women in this world. Thus, Engagement rings offers ultimate surprise and emotion to every women.

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are fondly known as wedding bands and these rings are interchanged between partners during a wedding ceremony. When compared to engagement rings, these rings are quite simple and do not possess any prominent gemstone or center diamond. In other words, in some scenarios wedding rings are simple plain rings without any gemstone or diamonds; rather they are designed with white or yellow gold.

A wedding ring is designed with a simple interrupted circle without any ending or beginning just to signify eternity. However, it’s not a surprising one and it’s regarded as the perfect symbol for symbolizing the never-ending love between two souls. It also clearly depicts that the two individuals are married to the outer world.

In wedding ceremony, the wedding rings are received by both the partners and they are about to wear this ring on the third finger of their left hands. Since, the wedding rings are worn on the same finger as that of the engagement ring some couples may shift these wedding rings to their right hand and after sometime they may shift these rings back to their left hand just to avoid confusions.

Overall, it signifies the sign of love, faith and commitment of your partner towards you. We have great tungsten rings for women

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