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How much do wedding rings cost?

how much do tungsten wedding bands cost

Usually, there are plenty of talks prevail about the tungsten engagement rings but there aren’t many talks about the wedding rings cost and budgeting. As we all know, the diamond engagement ring cost is huge when compared to wedding bands. Even though, it’s cost is not much as engagement ring, you need to know how much one should spend on these wedding rings since in some scenarios the budget may exceed your wedding budget.

Luckily, wedding rings have thousands of options to decide from. Since, the limits are less in wedding bands you can choose your favorite ring in any budget. You may have doubts whether both the men and women band cost the same? Will the price differ much based on the material of the ring?

For making clearer, let’s see about the national average. It was recently released that, on an average couples spend around $1,417 on the bride’s ring and around $558 on the groom’s ring. Based on the above average, it’s estimated that overall couples spend around $1,975 on buying both the wedding rings.

Generally, the cost of the tungsten wedding bands is affected by many factors. Finally, the type of the metal is the prime factor that decided the cost of your wedding band. Usually, when compared to platinum band the band in simple white or yellow gold is less expensive. Also, you need to remember that you are getting a ring for the sum you are paying for. In recent years, Tungsten wedding rings are becoming popular among men and also it’s less expensive too. But, the main drawback in tungsten rings is that it cannot be repaired or resized. Thus, if your finger size altered in course of time then you need to buy a new one. Overall, the metal you are choosing decides the cost of your wedding bands.

Nowadays, brides love to add diamonds to their wedding rings but it will cost more. In such scenarios, various factors determine the cost of your diamond like the carat weight of the diamonds, diamond quality, and the quantity of the diamond used. For gaining more idea about the cost of your diamond, you can search through the net.

Final factor which adds cost to your ring is the engravings. If your ring is engraved then, it adds some additional cost to your ring. It is stated that, adding some personalized engravings to your ring is free but that’s not the case in all scenarios it depends on jeweler.

Overall, it’s important to have a look in your budget and also wedding rings are the one which last forever with you. So, it’s wise to spend less money with good quality for making your wedding ceremony memorable. Check out our wide variety of tungsten rings

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