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How much does a wedding cost?

how long to plan a wedding Get a tugsten ring

Having a wedding is not as simple as many think and it’s more expensive. You need to plan your budget accurately since it will avoid financial debts and stress to a great extent. Of course, weddings occur once in your lifetime and it’s important to spend reasonable cost on those occasions for making it a memorable one.

It’s estimated that, the average wedding cost of a nation is around $35,329 not including a tungsten ring! The memories you are gaining in your wedding is priceless and let’s see some of the considerations you need to look while planning your wedding and also let’s have a look about the average wedding cost.

While deciding the cost, have a discussion with your friends and family and on average, a usual wedding cost around $20,040 and $33,400. These costs will not include the honeymoon costs and other security costs. If you are planning for a formal ceremony with the candlelit dinner in the amazing hotel or in grand mall they budget may cost little higher than usual ceremony planned in the backyard of your home with simple dessert and tea party.

Factors that decides your wedding cost

Firstly, the factor which needs to be considered while planning the wedding budget is the number of relatives you are planning to call for wedding ceremony. Since there individual head will cost some money for food and liquor. On the other hand, it can also be stated that, if your guest’s list is small then you can eventually save a sum in your wedding budget. Thus, altering the guests list will definitely decrease or increase the wedding cost to a great extent.

Also, venue consideration is another cause for budgeting problems since some towns and cities may cost more than other places. So, choosing a venue in a well-known place will cost more sum. During peak season, the tourist towns will bill more money than usual time.

How much do you really need?

Like buying an apartment, groceries, shoes or jeans, you need to do the same planning in case of wedding also. Initially, you need to figure out your requirements and the costs required for it just to avoid confusions in the end. Here is the list of some estimated allowance in your wedding ceremony.

  • Reception- 45 to 50 percent
  • Ceremony- 3-5 percent
  • Attire- 10 percent
  • Flowers and other decorating items- 10 percent
  • Wedding rings- 3 to 4 percent
  • Video/photography- 12 percent
  • Miscellaneous- 7 percent

Overall, for having a stress free wedding ceremony you need to plan things accordingly and you also need to save money instead of spending more.

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