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What Is A Tungsten Ring?

The magnificent tungsten rings are fondly known as tungsten wedding bands and it’s widely used in the manufacturing of remarkable pieces of jewelry. Unlike other metals like silver, gold, and platinum, these tungsten rings are exceptionally hard. The word “tungsten” originated from the Greek word with the meaning “heavy stone”.

Usually, tungsten rings have a good lustrous property and also these rings are durable, comfortable and exist in unique styles just to benefit the users. It has a perfect circle shape and thus you need be worried about the shape and other misshapen. Tungsten rings are designed in different colours just to attract the customers and the range of colours include dark grey, light gray and black. These rings are subjected to multiple steps during the manufacturing process and thus each design offers you a good precision and unmatched depth.

How to care Tungsten Ring?

Since men’s tungsten rings are very strong and sturdy, and so they require utmost care on time to time basis. Basically, ceramic and tungsten requires little care and maintenance but you need to spend some time in cleaning and also in inspecting your ring once in every month.

For cleaning your tungsten ring completely, you need to use soft cloth or tooth brush or mild detergent. If you are employing ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for cleaning your tungsten ring then it’s recommended to turn off your machine within a minute.

Pros of Tungsten Ring

  • Tungsten ring is the most astonishing metal with the scratch resistant feature.
  • Tungsten carbide jewelry’s are of good quality and affordable too. Like gold and platinum, it has some superb weight to it.
  • When compared to gold, tungsten rings are quite easy to detach from your finger especially in case of an emergency situation.
  • Even in case of any accident, you need not worry about the deformation in the shape of the ring. Since tungsten rings are sturdy in nature, it will not bend out easily.
  • It possesses hypo allergic property and thus it’s really useful for the people who are allergic to gold jewelries.

Interesting Facts about Tungsten Wedding Bands

Usually, tungsten rings or wedding bands are flawless rings with the wear-resistant property. Tungsten rings are 10 times stronger than gold metal and it is highly durable in nature. Also, tungsten rings is capable of holding its shape even for a lifetime with no scratches or degradation in its quality. Finally, tungsten is a heavy metal and thus it will not mar or bend easily.

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