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What is a promise ring?

tungsten promise ring

What is a tungsten promise ring? What finger is suitable for promise ring? How to give, get, return and buy a promise ring? Are you confused with these sorts of questions in your mind? Now, no need to worry! Let’s see the answers for all your questions about promise ring.

What does a Promise ring mean?

A promise ring is usually signifies a sign of commitment between two souls. Most often it symbolizes the love and commitment between two individuals. In other words, it’s just like a token for a relationship that is just blossoming. These rings means many things and that includes,

  • A promise to love always
  • Serious commitment
  • Promise to marry him/her one day
  • A promise to be always faithful to each other
  • A promise to be your friend and soul mate forever
  • Promise to sacrifice anything for you

These rings are becoming popular especially among the couples since it eliminates the need of establishing their relationship to all the surrounding people. It’s different from a tungseten engagement ring.

To your great surprise, these promise rings can also be exchanged between friends. Likewise, promise rings can also be given to parents or children, pledging love you forever. These rings are also called as purity rings since they are used as a promise for commitment, or it’s like a pledge to break or get rid of any bad habit.

Which finger is perfect for promise ring?

Promise rings are preconceived as pre-engagement rings and are usually worn on the ring finger (third finger) of the left hand. Overall, the promise ring replaces the place of the engagement ring and also replaces the wedding rings in some scenarios.

If the promise ring doesn’t signify any sign of marriage, then it’s worn on any finger of the right hand just to eliminate the confusions about the real meaning of the promise ring. So, mostly everyone prefers to wear promise ring on the ring finger of the right hand in order to avoid misassumptions regarding the couple’s relationship status.

History of the Promise Ring

It’s thought that the promise ring system was come into existence before thousand years. In those biblical times, instead of engaging couples are betrothed. Betrothal is actually a legal ceremony just for binding two souls and it’s more like marriage but it will not lost for many years.

In this ceremony, the groom-apparent will give his bride a ring just to reveal his commitment towards her and this may be the first use of a tungsten ring.

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