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Different types of wedding rings

different types of wedding tungsten bands

Basically, your engagement or wedding rings symbolize your personal styles to others. The people will see whether your ring is classic, vintage or modern? Is your ring is designed with elaborate setting or with simple classic solitaire? Also, your ring is made up of platinum or yellow gold or with white gold? Overall, wedding rings are your style and it’s your ring. We have great tungsten rings available. 

Wedding rings are of different types just to satisfy and attract the couples who are just going to start their life. Let’s see the types of wedding rings available in the market.

  • Solitaire Wedding Rings

These rings are simple, elegant and it’s been the favorite ring for the entire bride since 1886. If you are unaware about these solitaire rings, just close your eyes and imagine your wedding ring. If you resemble like other people, then definitely solitaire ring will come into your mind first.

These rings are classic and will not vanish from your mind at any cost. They exist in all sizes and shapes in all center stores. You can create your own ring as per your choice by working with the local jeweler and also it can be crafted in platinum, yellow gold or white gold.

The Halo Wedding Ring

In halo wedding ring, the center diamond is surrounded by the micropave diamonds in a circle and it creates a superb style which is usually like by many celebrities, royalty and pop stars. It has a style that was originated from the heirloom ring and you can also find its design in your grandma’s jewelry box.

In halo, the center diamond size is expanded about half carat or even more. You can design this ring with your favorite metal and it can also be crafted into any kind of size and designs as per your choice.

Wedding Ring Set

Don’t know what really a wedding ring set means? Then learn about it just by reading the content below. When you simplify things in your life then eventually your life will also be simple. Every bride wants her wedding ring to be beautiful and it’s really easy if you combine your engagement ring as a wedding ring.

Wedding Ring set is of superb design and it will definitely surprise your partner. These two rings will fit in your finger comfortably, and it will also complement each other to a great extent. Overall, it makes a perfect pair like you and your partner. We can help you find a great custom tungsten ring for your wedding.

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