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Expensive Wedding Ideas

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Nowadays, couples love to have an expensive wedding rather than an affordable one. While calculating the budget, there are so many factors need to be considered and that includes venue, food, cakes, flowers, dresses and entertainment. Let’s see some of the expensive wedding ideas to decorate your wedding ceremony with pleasant surprises. Tungsten rings are a great option for wedding. 

  • Get a lavish look on a Modest décor budget

Just choose a location or venue with lot of features or character on their own. Some interesting places may include gallery, botanical garden, historical site or an aquarium. Possibly these places may impart some extra beauty to your wedding ceremony.

  • Choose a theme or event with an stylish look

Usually, plan an interesting theme and event for entertaining the guests and initially start with an invitation pattern and then incorporate ideas in other works like programs, escort cards, favors and gobo lights for decorating the dance floor.

  • Use colour to impart high-class effect

For achieving elegant look, you can use a rich hue like deep eggplant, dark chocolate or any colour palette with a stylish look. Also, work with variety of shades like pink, red, orange and apple green for offering pleasant scenery to your guests arriving for your wedding ceremony. Moreover, this may also make your wedding celebration a memory with lots of surprises and astonishing events.  

  • Attach a flower garland or small bouquet

To add even more beauty to the couple’s chair, you can attach a flower garland to the backs of groom’s or bride’s chair and it will offer them a special look.

  • Invest in lighting

For having a huge impact, you can decorate the walls with lights and it will definitely act as an eye treat for the guests who are visiting your wedding ceremony. The lighting rental costs may range from $12 to $35 each. Also, you can give some extra glow to table with pin spot lights and its cost is around $30 to $50.

  • Order Custom Window Clings

It’s perfect to personalize the glass doors at your venue and for gaining more ideas you can search through the internet. The costs of clings are around $24 and it’s purely based on the size of the window. In case of glassware, it will cost around $24 for a set of 50.

  • Wrought-iron trees

Iron trees are available in the stores with the cost of $30 and you can place these trees at the entrance of your venue. Overall, you can implement the above ideas in your wedding ceremonies for making it a memorable one. Also, these ideas will definitely surprise your partner to a great extent.

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