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Tungsten Wedding Bands

Love is a beautiful thing, and when you find the ONE, it’s even more beautiful. The excitement of making her yours legally – walking down the aisle, and professing your love amidst friends and family is the climax. It is the beginning of your forever story, and you want  to make it perfect.

A wedding day is a special day, and everyone wants a memorable one. A day you can look back on and get engrossed in the reverie. When couples exchange their wedding bands,  they do so with a prayer their marriage will last as long as forever. Every couple hopes their wedding bands will remain ever new and look fresh, as a sign of their love. The choice of your wedding band or ring, plays a huge role in making your wedding the best day for you and your bride-to-be. Wedding bands have been used in all parts of the world from time immemorial, to physically show the emotional bond between a couple. It is marriage’s monument.

Generally, when it comes to picking wedding bands, people often go for platinum, silver and gold. But they are soft and require delicate treatment and  adequate care. These days, we never seem to have enough time to spare for such things as delicate care, as such,  something practical like the Tungsten wedding band is perfect. This wedding band apart from being hard, requires no special care. Thus, it is a good wedding band choice.

Why choose tungsten wedding bands?

Tungsten wedding bands, are made with tungsten carbide alloys, as the name implies. It is a pure metal, turned into strong and long-lasting alloy (combination of two or more elements). Tungsten, when joined with carbon and nickel makes stunning tungsten rings. These rings are strong and durable.

What makes tungsten wedding band so Unique?

Tungsten rings are anti-scratch – they do not get scratched, like gold and silver. Being one of the strongest metals ever know to man, tungsten rings are scratch proof.

Colour options – Tungsten rings comes in an amazingly different colours for you to choose from. White tungsten gives the ring-finger a classic appearance, just like what you get with a white gold or platinum. In our collection, we have rings in black, red, blue, gold, koa wood, silver, black and blue, black and gold, and black and red tungsten rings . This spectacular wedding bands, comes in various kinds of finishing and polish depending on what suits you.

No chemical reactions – With a tungsten ring, women do not have to worry about the sun, salt water in the beach, or while cooking and doing the dishes. And you do not have to remove them when changing your car tyres or doing manual chores at home. This is due to the fact that, tungsten used in making tungsten wedding bands has an inactive chemical composition (they do not react with other elements).

No allergic reactions – For people sensitive to other metals, tungsten rings are hypoallergenic; they do not cause allergic reactions. Unlike other metals like gold and silver, tungsten does not cause allergies because of the low nickel in them which bounds tightly.

Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men

Tungsten wedding bands are durable and are a good choice, especially for men. Men’s tungsten weeding rings are online at affordable prices. They are best for men, especially men who do manual works with their rings on; as it won’t crack or scratch.

Tungsten wedding rings are very hard, made from the hardest metal on earth; considerably harder than platinum, gold and even titanium. Tungsten rings are quite heavy and as such, has a weighty feel on the wedding-ring-finger and are a good choice for Men’s tungsten wedding bands.

How durable are tungsten wedding bands?

Tungsten carbide rings are highly durable, even more durable than platinum, silver and gold. As stated above, tungsten wedding bands are highly scratch resistant. Many erroneously believe tungsten rings are very brittle. Tungsten carbide are actually brittle – cracks with enough force. But, the good news is that, tungsten rings made from high-grade tungsten carbide will only break with an extreme force , most times in line of work. Men’s tungsten weeding bands are particularly preferred by men who work with heavy objects and machinery, and men who do manual job because of their break than bend properties.

Tungsten ranks nine on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness next to diamond, which is a perfect ten. Tungsten metal in its natural form, is a hard extremely dense metal extracted from scheelite ore. Tungsten, of all the metals has the highest melting point – 6192°F. Nevertheless, tungsten can only  become very tough when it bound with carbon to form tungsten carbide alloy; used for making tungsten wedding bands.

The new alloy formed – tungsten carbide, is three times as hard as titanium, and twice as hard as steel. Tungsten carbide use for various applications, even in industries. Tungsten carbide has a natural grey colour, like that of steel. Tungsten rings are very durable, can retain their colour for a long time, or polished to a bright colour. The characteristic grey colour provides the best background for a precious metal like platinum, silver and gold as an inlay on the tungsten wedding bands. Tungsten wedding bands are very resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, and as such, do not need rhodium plating.

How many tungsten wedding band styles are there?

A few of the most popular men’s tungsten wedding bands includes; comfort fit rings, channel set diamond, flat bands and brushed layers rings. Tungsten wedding band styles for women are; channel set diamond, tension set and thinner bands. 

Types of tungsten wedding bands

Dura tungsten is one of the many styles of tungsten wedding bands. Dura tungsten uses a formula to mix titanium with tungsten, to make a lighter weight tungsten wedding bands without affecting the hardness. This formula gives rise to a material almost indestructible, and 20% lighter than the original tungsten. Rings made from dura tungsten gets a polish with industrial – grade abrasive. 

Black tungsten is another style of tungsten wedding bands, made by depositing value on the tungsten wedding band surface. This process gives rise to a luxurious – black shine tungsten wedding band, with an extra resistance to frictions. 

White tungsten wedding bands made by a process that deposits platinum coatings on the tungsten wedding band. It gives it as shiny-bright-luxurious look and is a favourite for wedding couples. This style is able to resist wear and tear but has little resistance to scratch. 

Why is tungsten carbide a better choice than other bands?

Durability – Tungsten wedding bands are a better choice over platinum, silver and gold as they are very durable. 

Affordability – Tungsten wedding bands are very cheap and affordable (with a variety of styles to suit any budget) from as low as $200 for a simple band to $2000 (for bands with inlays of diamonds).

What we – Intelli Rings offer. ..

At Intelli Rings, our priority is to make your wedding band choice the best one you make. Knowing how important this choice is to you and your spouse, we give our best to see that your choice is as beautiful as the love you share. Therefore, we offer a variety of designs, that you can choose from. We add new designs everyday to our collection. 

Since colour is beauty, our rings come in a variety of colours that we are sure will suit you. Plus, they are of top-notch quality that is unbeatable. 

More so, as a sign of the permanence of your union, we offer engraving. You can choose to do some engravings done on your ring, we cover that and do an excellent job too. As far as permanence goes, our rings come with life time warranty, as a sign that we got you covered all the way.

What’s more? 

When you make an order at Intelli Rings, you do not have to worry about shipping fee. We offer free shipping of our rings, at a the quickest possible time. Very importantly, our online support service is available 24/7 to cater for your needs, questions and enquiries. Contact us today and place your order. 

Of course, the love story that becomes etched on the sands of time almost never begins until you take those steps down the aisle. As you do, confidence is one cloak that never hides itself. Confidence in your love for her (the fact that it is true and will last), is the fact that when push comes to shove, you will be there and that the wedding band you will share will be too. Imagine having a wedding band walk with you from the aisle after taking the vows, until the time when you take your last breath. 

Yes, with a tungsten band, a life time is too short a time. Begin your journey with a band that will become an antique in time to come. Choose a tungsten ring today, for it is as indestructible as your love. Let us – Intelli Rings be the ones to make all these dreams come through for you.