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Tungsten vs Stainless Steel

A common thought that comes to mind while searching for a wedding ring is what type of metal will be the best. In the jeweler’s shop, you will come across many options, but the most popular ones are stainless steel and tungsten. Both metals can vary in price based on design, the location of purchase and stones embedded in the ring. Here we have a complete comparison to help you understand which a better option is.  

Stainless Steel

It is stylish and lightweight. It is a multipurpose metal that has been used for the production of kitchen appliances for years. Stainless steel rings are the least expensive. However, they are not scratch resistant. Stainless steel is not durable as compared to other metals. It has a good look but you might have to replace it with the passage of time.  


As compared to other metals tungsten rings are heavy and it is highly durable. It has the strongest lifetime. It is 10 times harder as compared to 18 K gold and 4 times harder than titanium.

  1. The biggest attraction of tungsten is that it will maintain its shape. You will not have to worry that your ring will wear down or bend
  2. It is slightly expensive as compared to stainless steel but affordable.
  3. The durability of the tungsten ring makes it worth your money.

Tungsten vs Stainless Steel

Tungsten and stainless steel, both are popular choices for jewelers. Before selecting a metal it is important that you know their benefits and drawbacks. Both metals can be used to make attractive wedding rings.

Scratch Resistance

Rings made with tungsten are difficult to scratch. Even if you wear the ring while working in the house you will not even see a single scratch on the ring. However. the stainless steel ring will be easily scratched after few months. Once polished tungsten will not lose its shine and appearance. On the other hand, steel will become dull.


In case of emergency, tungsten wedding bands cannot be cut off because it is one of the hardest materials available. On the other hand, there are several tools available that can be used to cut stainless steel rings. However, you can quickly remove the tungsten rings when necessary. They can be easily broken or cracked if required.


You cannot re-size the rings made with stainless steel or tungsten using the traditional techniques. If they are too loose or too tight you will have to replace the rings.


If stainless steel rings contain nickel they might cause an allergic reaction. Some individuals are allergic to stainless steel. However, with tungsten rings, you will not have to deal with such issues.


tungsten rings vs stainless steel ringsAt a local jewelry shop, it will be hard to find the stainless steel rings because they have recently become popular. However, there are many unique designs and styles available if you are planning to buy the tungsten rings.

It would be a better option if you will select the tungsten rings. They are more durable, scratch resistant, high-quality and affordable. Itelli rings has the biggest collection of tungsten rings. Make sure that you check out our store.  

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