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Tungsten vs Ceramic: Which is a better option

Black rings are rapidly gaining popularity. People are interested in buying black rings for their wedding. Individuals are attracted by the beauty of the color or they love the way it looks. Every day new styles are introduced in black rings. Tungsten and ceramic are the two most popular materials used to prepare black rings. You might be wondering what the difference between them is. Keep reading to find out.


Tungsten is naturally dark gray in color that gives it a blackish appearance. To make black Tungsten, tiny particles of Titanium Zirconium alloy are shot on the metal at extremely high velocity. The particles will embed on the surface of tungsten. Some of the other properties to consider are.

  1. Tungsten is scratch resistant. As compared to other metals it is very resistant to scratches.
  2. It is a hard material and durable.
  3. The black tungsten can be re-plated to bring back the onyx-like finishing.
  4. There are black tungsten rings available with the stone settings.


Black ceramic is lightweight, extremely hard and non-metallic material that is being used by jewelers. Ceramic is naturally black in color and there is no coating. In case the ring is scratched you will not see another color underneath.

It is harder as compared to other metals except for tungsten. Most of the people combine tungsten and ceramic to have the wedding rings in two color tones. When you will combine the two hardest material in the world, you will have the most durable wedding ring. Most of the people like to have their black ceramic ring embed with diamonds.

However, having a black tungsten wedding band with diamonds is a better option because it will look great.

Which is a better option

Considering the quality of material and other properties ceramic and tungsten both are durable and high-quality. However, it would be better if you keep the tungsten in its original shade. Both are hard materials, however, ceramic will damage quickly as compared to tungsten. Tungsten rings and ceramic rings cannot be resized in a traditional way and to change the size special equipment is required. Black ceramic has reflective properties due to which it might appear a little gray but black tungsten will give the shade that you want.

It is better that you select the material of the ring that you like the most. Tungsten will be a better option because it is highly durable. If you notice that black coating is showing the silver color underneath you can have it re-platted anytime you like.


tungsten rings vs ceramic rings

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