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How to measure your ring size

A common issue that most of the people have to deal with is they do not know the size of their ring. That is why when they go to buy the ring it takes a lot of time to find the right size. You will be surprised to know that there are some professionals that will ask for money to measure the ring size. It sounds stupid and that is why we have two simple methods for you to easily measure the size of your ring.

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Method 1

Use paper or thread

You can use the thread from the floss or any other string or a piece of paper. Assure that the strong or paper is long enough so that you can easily wrap it around your finger. You have to use a thin strip of paper to assure that it will not tear apart from you are wrapping it around the finger.

Wrap it properly

At the base of the knuckle, you have to wrap the thread or paper snugly around your finger. Remember that it is the perfect size of the ring. You have to keep your grip strong, to assure that you will not lose the points where the thread or paper overlapped.

Mark the point

Once you have reached the perfect point where the thread overlapped and it perfectly fits your ring, you have to mark that point. You can use a marker or paint. It would be better if you could ask a friend to mark the point because you have to hold the thread with your finger to assure you will not lose the point.

Measure the length in millimeters

You have to lie the thread flat on the table. From the starting point to the ending point, you will have to measure the length of the thread in millimeters. Once you have found your measurement it is better that you use the ring size measuring scale. The reading that you have will show you the size of the ring that you should wear.

Method 2

  1. Take a ring that perfectly fits your finger.
  2. You can measure the diameter of inside of the ring with the help of a thread or paper. Assure to make the point or use a bendable ruler to measure the diameter.
  3. Once done you can compare it will ring size chart to find the size of your ring.

Bottom line

Once you have measured the size of your ring you can easily visit the jeweler and let him know your ring size. He will only show the rings that are available in your size. It will help you save time and you can easily have your old ring resized. However, if you are planning to resize the rings made with tungsten, you should know it cannot be resized. It is better that you replace the ring. Intelli rings have the biggest collection of the tungsten rings. Buy the one that suits your style perfectly.

Tungsten rings come in many different sizes.

4mm Tungsten Rings

4mm tungsten wedding bands are on the smaller size. These are often times used by women or people that have smaller fingers and are looking for something slim for their fingers.

6mm Tungsten Rings

6mm tungsten wedding bands can be used by both men and women. These are good for someone looking for a ring that isn’t too skinny but not as thick as the 8mm since that tends to be too wide for some people.

8mm Tungsten Rings

8mm tungsten wedding bands are the most popular ones for men. Women tend to go with the 6mm rings. Most of the rings we carry will be 8mm rings. Most of these will be great to be used as a mens tungsten wedding band.

10mm Tungsten Rings

10mm tungsten wedding bands are harder to find. These are quite rare and can be difficult to make since not many people are looking for something so wide. However we do carry a few of these ourselves.