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What’s the difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring?

Many may have this question in your mind, what’s actually the difference between this engagement ring and wedding ring? Also, some people may think both these wedding and engagement rings are the same. But, it’s not the actual case. Additionally, these rings are used in two different scenarios. Here is the explanation about these rings […]

Wedding Proposal Ideas

Wedding Proposals hopefully occur only once in a lifetime. So, wants it to be perfect and memorable. These proposals offers superb flexibility since it doesn’t require any location, time, garments, surroundings or specific dates. Also, you need to think a creative and a romantic way just to pop the question to your partner in order […]

What Is A Tungsten Ring?

The magnificent tungsten rings are fondly known as tungsten wedding bands and it’s widely used in the manufacturing of remarkable pieces of jewelry. Unlike other metals like silver, gold, and platinum, these tungsten rings are exceptionally hard. The word “tungsten” originated from the Greek word with the meaning “heavy stone”. Usually, tungsten rings have a […]